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More than 40 years of history
More than 40 years of history

40 years ago, in 1976, Rafael Morán tried to break into the world of plastic plumbing production creating AQUATECNIC.

Only 10 years later, after reaching a strong notoriety and reputation in the Spanish national market, many eyes were put on his figure and his company. Finally, an important business group insisted on taking the results and acquired the company, but did not acquire its essence.

Rafael Morán, who has always said that he has hydraulic oil in his veins instead of blood, decided at almost 60 years old, with the support of his wife and children, to found TECNOAGUA in 1995 in Alicante, in order to continue with his ideas and philosophy, based on innovation, quality and service.

Today, 25 years later, TECNOAGUA is still a family business with a familial treatment to its partners, suppliers and customers,  and with a high degree of professionalism in each one of its areas, coordinating with the experience and youth of its more than 65 employees, with around 25 injection machines working 24 hours a day and almost 20,000 m2 of facilities that, since March 2019, include a new logistics center that has allowed TECNOAGUA to continue to meet its own high standards to ensure to fulfill the needs of customers, in terms of responsiveness, quality, service and distribution.

Offering “something different” in the market, apart from everything that others offer, is one of the main values that, year after year, has lead TECNOAGUA to present new products, responding to the needs of an increasingly exigent customers, and that, by being LEADERS IN INNOVATION and keeping with the initial philosophy of continuous an constant improvement in each and every one of the company’s areas.

All of this with the help of a vast commercial network who has contributed in making TECNOAGUA feel closer than ever to its customers, the most valuable asset of the company.